Laproscopy, SILS, NOTES Training/Workshop

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For the simulation of NOTES, a complete porcine peritoneal cavity explant is used in the EASIE-R to perform endoluminal or transluminal surgical procedures. The model is particularly useful for basic NOTES procedures, such as establishing transgastric and transcolonic access, peritoneal exploration, and tissue biopsy. For the more advanced ‘digestivist’, the EASIE-R can facilitate organ resection (cholecystectomy, distal pancreatectomy, liver lobe resection, hysterectomy, oophorectomy) or gastrointestinal anastomosis techniques (gastrojejunostomy, partial gastrectomy, colectomy). Multiple gastrotomies or colotomies can be performed in a single model.

In addition to the endoscopic view, surgical procedures can be observed through the clear acrylic cover. By removing the lid, a direct assessment of tissue incision, resection, and clip application can be undertaken by gross inspection of the the surgical site. Prior to its use, according to a technique developed by Matthes, the NOTES organ specimen is sterilized using a special embalming fluid. This method of preservation does not require freezing or refrigeration of the specimen, and can be used for multiple training days. Between workshops, the specimen is kept in the embalming solution, which preserves tissue elasticity and pliability.

In contrast to using live animals for NOTES training, the use of ex-vivo specimens does not involve ethical concerns and is not subject to IRB approval. For the simulation of laparoscopy or hybrid NOTES procedures a special cover with laparoscopic ports is used instead of the clear lid. This permits the use commercially available laparoscopic instruments.

Course Details

  • 3 Day intensive course (can be taught in conjunction with other courses.)
  • 15-20 simulated procedures using a complete porcine GI explant.
  • Trainee will work with an expert trainer to perform trans-gastric and trans-colo exploration as well as surgical procedures.
  • Use of a fully operational endoscopic tower with suction and generator.
  • Includes all disposable endoscopic necessities as well as cautery tools, knives, graspers, etc.
  • Hosted cost – $10,500.00
  • Customer locale cost – $15,500.00 plus travel
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