Hemostasis Training Course

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To  simulate an upper and/or lower gastrointestinal hemorrhage, according to the idea of Hochberger, a perfusion system is used to simulate arterial spurting bleedings in hollow gastrointestinal organs. This is achieved by perforating the organ wall externally with tubing connected to an artificial blood circuit. Food colorant with 0.1% methylene blue is used as artificial blood. Varices can be simulated by submucosal injection of stained saline externally with a 23-gauge needle.

Course Details

  • 1 Day intensive course (can be taught in conjunction with Disection/Resection course.)
  • 10-15 simulated procedures using a porcine upper GI specimen (esophagus, stomach. and duodenum) or colon specimen.
  • Trainee will work with an expert trainer to place clips over  predetermined bleeding ports on mucosal wall of stomach or colon.
  • Use of a fully operational endoscopic tower with suction and generator.
  • Includes all disposable endoscopic necessities as well as clips, knives, graspers, etc.
  • Hosted cost – $4,500.00
  • Customer locale cost – $7,500.00 plus travel
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