EUS Training/Workshops

To simulat EUS techniques, a complete porcine gastrointestinal tract explant is used and suspended in water or ultrasound gel.  Artificial pathologies are created and placed on the esophageal, stomach or duodenal wall. The tumors and pseudo cysts are located using linear or radial EUS and the cysts can be drained by EUS-guided FNA. The esophagus or colon can be chosen as entry points.

For diagnostic EUS, all sections of the gastrointestinal tract, the liver, the pancreas, and the kidneys can be identified. Submucosal depots can be created by external injection of colloid depots. A solid mass can be created by surgical implantation. This intramural lesion can be examined by EUS and the relationship to the mucosal and muscular layers of the gastrointestinal tract can be interpreted.

Course Details

  • 3 Day intensive course (can be taught in conjunction with other courses.)
  • 25-30 simulated procedures using an upper GI specimen (esophagus, stomach. and duodenum) with liver, kidneys, and pancreas attached.
  • Trainee will work with an expert trainer to locate and perform a variety of procedures using ultrasound.  Procedures include: locating pathologies e.g. psuedo cyst, internal and external esophageal, gastric, and liver tumors, and performing precedures such as: resection, disection, sent placement, etc.
  • Use of a fully operational endoscopic tower with suction and ultrasound equipment.
  • Includes all disposable endoscopic necessities as well as cautery tools, knives, graspers, stents, etc.
  • Hosted cost – $7,500.00
  • Customer locale cost – $11,500.00 plus travel
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