ERCP Training/Workshops

The Neo-Papilla II™ was designed using chicken heart tissue  attached to the duodenum.  An anastomized colon replaces the duodenum to allow for increased maneurverability during training. The setup facilitates multiple sphincterotomies in one model. Interventional ERCP techniques can be performed with direct visualization of the devices in the artificial CBD and PD simulated through clear tubing. This method of training obviates the requirement of fluoroscopy.

Course Details

  • 2 Day intensive course (can be taught in conjunction with other courses.)
  • 25-30 simulated procedures using a porcine upper GI specimen with anastamized colon to replace the duodenum (esophagus, stomach. and duodenum).
  • Trainee will work with an expert trainer to locate and perform a sphincterotomy using chicken hearts.
  • Use of a fully operational endoscopic tower with suction and generator.
  • Includes all disposable endoscopic necessities as well as cautery tools, knives, graspers, etc.
  • Hosted cost – $5,500.00
  • Customer locale cost – $8,500.00 plus travel
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