Disection/Resection Course – EGD/EMR/ESD/Colonoscopy Training Course

For the simulation of EGD, EMR, Colonoscopy and ESD, a porcine esophagus-stomach-duodenum specimen is used to promote a natural endoscopy experience for tissue dissection and resection techniques. A dye can be used to denote a lesion on the mucosa. Esophageal varices can be simulated by submucosal injection of colored fluid for the simulation of endoscopic band ligation. Artificial polyps can be created for training of polypectomy.

EGD/EMR/ESD Course Details

EASIE-R EGD training

  • 3 Day intensive course
  • 20-30 simulated procedures using a porcine upper GI model (esophagus, stomach. and duodenum)
  • Trainee will work with an expert trainer to disect predetermined “lesions” on mucosal wall of stomach.
  • Use of a fully operational endoscopic tower with suction and generator.
  • Includes all disposable endoscopic necessities as well as knives, graspers, etc.
  • Hosted cost – $6500.00
  • Customer locale cost – $10,000.00 plus travel
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